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Useful Bowling Pro Shop Services, Originally Posted: 7/3/2014; Updated: 10/13/2022

There are many useful bowling pro shop services available to you if you are not already aware of them and have a line of communication open with the pro shop personnel. Other than the obvious retail services any pro shop offers, there are other sub-layer services which can be both inexpensive and very useful to you over the span of your bowling season. One of the most under-used group of items by most bowlers are accessory items.

There are so many new products available to you which each pro shop can can acquire if you request them to do so. It is almost impossible for any pro shop to display every item available in the accessory line just as it is impractical for these shops to display every new bowling ball coming on the market.

If you open a line of communication with a reliable pro shop professional, you can learn about items which may benefit you over the course of the season. Other than accessories, routine maintenance is of critical importance if you expect to continue getting good performance from your bowling balls. Getting into the pro shop for scheduled resurfacing or refreshing of your bowling ball surfaces is critical to maintaining good ball reactions over a period of time.

By means of routine ball surface checks, the pro shop professional can help you maintain your equipment and keep your ball surfaces clean, textured, and ready for use. Avoid bowling more than 60 games without restoring the ball surface texture to a given finish you desire.

Accessories items such as ball polish or cleaners is of vital importance to any serious bowler. There are cleaners and polish you can purchase inexpensively to carry in accessory pouches of your bowling bag so you can maintain the ball surface during or after completion of any given bowling session.

The pro shop also can help you keep current with other products such as bowling shoes, bags, and accessories. Don’t walk past the pro shop at your local center every time you bowl. Stop in and inquire about any of the latest products available in the market which can help you plan your future purchases.
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