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How To Maintain Your Brunswick Bowling Ball Reaction

If you wish to know how to maintain your Brunswick bowling ball reaction, then the information in this article will help you understand ball surface strategies as recommended by Brunswick, a long time leading manufacturer of bowling equipment for many years. After purchasing your new bowling ball, the challenge becomes how to maintain your Brunswick bowling ball reaction so the surface of the ball matches well to the lane conditions you most frequently encounter.

This information below is publicly provided by Brunswick and is intended to simplify and help you understand techniques in maintaining your ball coverstock. There are some safety measures included in this information to help you protect your bowling ball while attempting maintenance procedures.

Micro finishing pads have revolutionized the bowling industry by creating smooth surface finishes that many bowlers would assume are polished with a wax or similar compound. These finishes create length similar to balls coated with compound finishes, however they perform far better in today’s thicker oils and carry down. In order to maintain and restore the reaction characteristic of your Brunswick bowling ball, Brunswick recommends the following:

1. To reduce oil absorption, clean your Brunswick ball with Remove All Ball Cleaner 4 oz or a similar ball cleaner after each use.

2. If you think your Brunswick ball has lost some of its “out of the box” reaction, restore the ball to its original factory finish listed on the product information sheet. This is especially important for balls that are highly sanded or polished. Sand to 400 grit and then use Factory Finish High Gloss Polish (6oz) to restore the original factory finish on high-gloss polish balls. Sand to 220 grit, then use Rough Buff Polish 6 oz to restore the original factory finish on rough buff balls. For dull balls, wet-sand with the abrasive listed on the product information sheet.

3. If there is a visible track on your ball ask your pro shop to refinish the ball using a Resurfacing System or similar resurfacing machine to remove the track and restore the ball to its original factory finish. The service is available, for a fee, at many pro shops.

4. If your ball has more than 50 games on it, you may be able to increase mid-lane and backend hooking action by removing oil from the coverstock. Remove the oil from the ball by cleaning it with cleaner or rejuvenating substance or visit your pro shop to have it warmed in a "rejuvenator" or "revivor" type device. * Brunswick testing has shown by combining the restoration of the factory finish, and the resurfacing of the track and oil removal, your Brunswick ball can maintain its original “out of the box” reaction for hundreds of games. CAUTION: Do not use a home oven to remove oil. Temperatures cannot be adequately controlled and the ball may crack.

5. Absorbent materials sold by other bowling ball manufacturers to remove oil can also be used on Brunswick bowling balls. Information to date indicates that absorbent materials have a more limited ability to remove oil than warming. You may be disappointed with results on heavily oil-soaked balls.

Note: Oil-soaked balls tend to track less in the oil and respond less to the dry boards on the lane. If you are matching-up using an oil-soaked ball on wet/dry or broken down lane conditions, removing the oil from the ball will significantly change your match-up and possibly create undesirable over reactions.

All recommended ball surface maintenance procedures require some modification developed either by your pro shop operator or through your own experimentation so you produce the most desired ball motion possible after you complete a given maintenance procedure. It is a belief that ball screening procedures recommended by other manufacturers may also work effectively on Brunswick bowling balls but it does help to discuss your surface options with your pro shop professional before engaging new screening processes.

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