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One Handed Bowling Swing

By:, Originally Posted: 12/7/16; Updated: 2/14/21

The benchmark swing for bowlers continues to be the one handed bowling swing.

Although the classic style of one handed bowling may become less dominant in the future with the emergence of the two handed bowling style, it will, however, continue to be the swing the vast majority of bowlers use.

The two handed bowling style is becoming increasingly popular with the youth bowlers in America today.

This success has been witnessed for some years now because of the successes on TV by multiple Touring Professionals.

Because the nature of two handed bowling leads to a powerful delivery technique producing a strong hook ball reaction and a high angle of entry into the pocket which also produces many strikes, many young bowlers are attracted accordingly.

In fact, many of these two handed bowlers are admittedly intoxicated with the degree of hook potential a two handed swing style can produce.

It is important to also state that the odds for any bowler becoming a talented and skilled player at any level in the sport is still in the favor of the one handed bowling style.

There have been more successful “power players” competing with a one handed style than are two handed players.

One handed players have also been extremely successful over the years with a “stroker” swing style of bowling where a modest hook is produced with a high degree of accuracy in hitting the pocket and in converting spares.

In fact, the solid majority of bowlers elected to a Hall Of Fame someplace throughout America are one handed bowlers.

The one handed style definitely suits the needs for senior men and women bowlers as well as little children learning the sport.

This style also is the choice of countless adult bowlers competing regularly in leagues and in some tournaments and most likely will remain their style of choice for many more years to come.

One reason the two handed style faces a ceiling in growth is due to the fact that it takes a high level of agility and athletic ability to perform.

Not every person has the physical “gifts” to adopt the two handed style capitalizing on the strong ball reaction and strike potential accompanying this style of bowling.

For these millions of bowlers, the one handed, traditional style will continue to be the style preference for most bowlers in the game.

Some experienced coaches have reportedly stated that the two handed style of bowling is actually a one handed technique. These coaches comment that the second hand is used to balance the bowling ball during the approach and swing movements and is used to accelerate the ball and its rate of revolutions at the moment of release.

The net effect in America seems to be that this two handed style is here to stay and lends one more option to all bowlers entering the game or to bowlers wishing to overhaul their style of bowling.

The one handed style of bowling, however, will continue to be the most popular style in bowling.

In fact, manufacturers will continue releasing new bowling balls which are versatile in reaction abilities using coverstocks with varying friction factor capabilities and core shapes and sizes also offering a variety of ball reaction options.

One can safely draw a conclusion that the one handed swing style will remain a classic, well established, traditional style in the game and will remain so in bowling perpetuity.


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