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New Releases: Roto Grip Sinister, Hysteria and Outcry

Roto Grip Sinister:

The Sinister is the newest high performance ball from Roto Grip. Featuring a matte finished, hybrid coverstock, the Sinister is a bad son of a gun on the heaviest of conditions. If you're looking for a versatile ball for longer oil patterns, look no further.

The Roto Grip Sinister is just mean. The pins and your opponents are going to feel the wrath. The all-new Cage Core is designed to produce superior midlane all while providing backend continuation. Pair that with the super-strong 76H Hybrid Reactive Coverstock finished at 4000 Grit and you've got the perfect ball for long and heavy oil patterns.

The Sinister is currently selling for $159.95 and rates a 230.80.
Roto Grip Hysteria:

Polished solids are the perfect benchmark bowling balls. The Hysteria is no exception. You'll get good length with a strong, predictable backend reaction. This will allow you to make adjustments easier and know whether you should switch to a different ball or surface. Chances are, this ball will be the first one out of your bag!

Make your opponents lose their minds when you throw the Roto Grip Hysteria! The Hysteria features the Late Roll 69 Core which provides great length with the box finish of 1500 Grit Polished on the 6tMH Solid Reactive Coverstock. This combination will give you a ball that clears the heads and has a devastating but controllable backend reaction. The Hysteria will cause the pins to have to be committed on medium-heavy oil!

The Hysteria is currently selling for $79.95 and rates a 181.60.
Roto Grip Outcry:

The Outcry is a perfect compliment to the Uproar. Both balls feature the same core but the Outcry has a new Hybrid coverstock finished at 4000 grit which will give a slightly earlier and smooth reaction. Medium oil is in trouble!

My Roto Grip Outcry deafens opponents and the pins are no match in this battle.

The Outcry features the Late Roll 51 core made famous in the popular Uproar. We've wrapped this with the 53M Hybrid Coverstock finished at 4000 grit. This combo will give you good length with a strong, smooth backend reaction on medium oil.

The Outcry takes well to surface changes so if you need more length, polish it. If you need earlier hook, sand it. It's ready for the challenge!

The Outcry is currently selling for $99.99 and rates a 175.40.
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