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New Release: Hammer Deadly Aim

The Hammer Deadly Aim is the first bowling ball to offer a 3 year warranty as well as the first ball to use carbon fiber in the outer-core. This ball does not stop rolling on the backend and continues on, crushing the pins!

It doesn't get any tougher or more lethal than the Hammer Deadly Aim! The Deadly aim features a new flex-resin poured Dead-center core system that positions a superdense mass near the center of the ball, creating better energy flow throughout the ball. Then we reinforced the outer core with one of the most durable products in the world, carbon-fiber, to create extreme energy recoil upon impact at the pins. With that increased reinforcement, Hammer's been able to set the industry standard on quality and durability by introducing a new 3-year manufacturer's warranty best in class. 12 and 13 pound weights feature a symmetric core

The Deadly Aim is currently selling for $169.99 and rates a 226.8.