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New Release: Columbia Mad Antics Bowling Ball

The Columbia Mad Antics will drive the pins and your opponents crazy.

The newest addition to the Columbia Antics line is the Mad Antics joining the Antics, Crazy Antics and N'Sane Antics.

The Mad Antics features the new AR350 Hybrid Coverstock which will give bowlers the most aggressive ball in the series. Continuation and amazing read of the entire lane.

Keeping consistency throughout the line by using the proven Hi-Dynamics core makes the Mad Antics the perfect compliment to the rest of the Antics balls. You'll see a ton of hook on the backend.

The combination of the core and coverstock will give bowlers the perfect ball to move inside, throw it right and watch this ball come back!

Buy The Columbia 300 Mad Antics Bowling Ball Now

Columbia 300 Mad Antics Bowling Ball