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Introducing DV8 Bowling!

Do you ever just want to let loose? Wish you could make some noise and stir up the pot? Sometimes you just have to let your hair down and go crazy. If you're this type of person, we've got the bowling company for you... DV8 Bowling!

With their first High Performance release, they've really blown the top off. The Hell Raiser is long, strong and fierce on heavy oil. There's no need to fear tough conditions anymore, it's time for them to fear you!

DV8 has also released the perfect house shot ball, the Reckless. No one will be calling you a house hack though, because you'll be hacking up the deck on sport conditions as well. Length and controllable backend make this ball the benchmark to your bowling success!

Once the lanes start to dry out you'll need something that you can stay aggressive with. The Misfit Orange/Blue and Misfit Magenta/Yellow will allow you to do just that. They will continue with the length that DV8 will be known for while allowing you to tame the backend. There's no stopping you now!
Enjoy this video introducing all of the DV8 products that are being released!