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How To Dull Your Ball To Make It Hook

If you are trying to learn how to dull your ball to make it hook, then begin with understanding the various pro shop services available to you and also what you might do at home or on the lanes to prepare your bowling ball accordingly. Learning how to dull your ball to make it hook is one method of attaining that end.

Pro shops provide services to prepare bowling ball surfaces to match best with lane conditions in local centers. Use of high speed ball spinner to screen and re-surface the coverstock of your bowling ball is the best method of properly dulling your ball surface. Pro shop operators will use Abralon pads with various grits to screen the ball surface to a known texture. The lower the Abralon grit on the pad, the more porous and textured the ball surface becomes. A 500 grit pad will allow for the most aggressive friction factor on the lanes and works best if your bowling in heavy oil.

If you choose a 2000 grit or a 4000 fine grit pad, then you will screen the surface of your ball to a very smooth finish which allows your ball to glide down the lane before picking up it's heaviest roll in the mid lane. Screening your ball on the spinner with finer grit pads will not produce as much pronounced early hook as your ball travels down the lane as will use of low grit pads. In some cases, adding polish to the ball after a dull screening with a low grit pad will provide enough skid on the front end of the lane and will conserve energy for when the ball rolls on the dry back ends toward the pocket increasing overall hook.

Some experimentation is needed with various degrees of grit pads on the ball spinner until you develop the amount of hook response on the lane as you desire. Bowlers must be careful in their zeal to see the ball increase hook to over-texture the ball surface so the ball grabs the lane too quickly and hooks before the desired break point down the lane. Remember, a bowling ball constructed with a hard polyester coverstock will not dull sufficiently to hook a great deal more than when first drilled out of the box. However, the reactive resin coverstock balls with aggressive core designs will respond more noticeably than will low friction reactive balls or polyester balls.

Finally, if you wish to purchase your own ball spinner, provides them and the needed accessories so you can learn to maintain your own ball surfaces at home. If you choose, instead, to purchase your own pads with various grit surfaces, then you can screen your own ball surfaces after cleaning the oil from the ball and before you bowl. Only approved substances by U.S.B.C. may be used during competition so be sure to check before scrubbing your ball surface while bowling in a league or in a tournament. has become the No. 1 e-tailer of choice for bowling equipment by the consumer of America. Once you have found any item you wish to order, please be reminded that every item at our site comes with free shipping an no hidden charges. To place your order, simply follow our easy online instructions available 24 hours a day, every day. Thanks for visiting!

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