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Find Your Favorite Bowling Ball Drilling Layout, Originally Posted: 8/1/2013; Updated: 4/12/2023

Since modern bowling ball technology offers an array of performance capabilities, it is important to use drilling layout options which match your delivery style. Not every bowler can afford to drill countless bowling balls and experiment with various drilling techniques.

If you are like most of us and bowl primarily in leagues or in occasional tournaments, it makes sense to select a similar drilling layout option in each of your bowling balls regardless of the brand.

Whether you have high or low axis tilt, you can find a drilling layout to help you govern your ball reaction and produce a controllable motion on most lane conditions.

Your pro shop professional can work with you to find which variation of any drilling layout will match best with your game.

Figuring out a favorite layout will help you achieve a dependable ball reaction with any type of ball you select as your next new ball.

In today's market there are many brands that offer many varieties of bowling ball core designs and coverstocks. Narrowing down your favorite drilling layouts to one or two can help speed up the decision making process when getting a new bowling ball and having it drilled.

Standard layout options typically give you adequate skid length with a controllable arc motion in the mid-lane and back end of the lane. By using a favorite layout, you will develop an ability to read the lanes quickly and make sensible adjustments.

Add the fact that you can alter the bowling ball surfaces to tweak your ball reaction as needed, your favorite layouts will also produce a slightly stronger ball reaction or a weaker one depending on your ball surface changes.

If you bowl in multiple leagues or in occasional tournaments, you likely use several bowling balls to combat varying lane conditions. Because you must adjust for a variety of lane conditions, you may also choose variations of your favorite drilling layouts based on the bowling balls you use and recommendations from your pro shop professional.

It is important to state that the majority of top amateur and professional players today tend to rely on a favorite layout with only one or two optional layouts in any bowling ball they select for use in competition.

Using your favorite layout in one given bowling ball may produce a very different ball motion when used in another given bowling ball due to the variations in core design and surface texture.

It is because there are so many options in new bowling balls in today’s market, that relying on your favorite drilling layout makes good sense and reduces the process of deciding on how you should drill your bowling ball equipment.

Once you have determined your favorite drilling layout, stick to what you know and allow the modern technology in bowling ball construction to work to your advantage. Keep things as simple as you can, even when it comes time to drill your next new bowling ball.

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