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Ebonite Abralon Pads 6 Pack

If you wish to find the Abralon Pads 7 Pack (1 of Each Grit), then you are at the right place here at our site. Ball care tools are an essential item for any bowler wishing to maintain the surfaces of their bowling ball equipment and adjust to challenging lane conditions. The Abralon Pads 7 Pack (1 of Each Grit) is the perfect system for you to do so.

These Ebonite Abralon pads are priced at $37.99 with an MSRP of $95.94 and come in 180 grit, 360, 500, 1000, 2000, and 4000 grit pads to help prepare any ball surface to a variety of lane conditions. These pads work very well and aggressively scratch the surface of any given bowling ball in a precise manner as to avoid the "cheesegrater" look and offer a resistance to ball material "caking" on the surface of a ball. The pads hold large amounts of water for lubrication and cooling and are versatile enough to be used wet or dry. The 180 grit pad is as aggressive of a texture pad as can be found anywhere for heavy oil conditions while the 4000 grit pad provides a fine scratch pattern for those dry lane conditions.

The Ebonite Abralon pads are silicon carbide particles sifted to a consistent grain size, then bonded evenly to a 6" round fabric face for an even scratch pattern. The pads are durable and work great for wet sanding and, of course, work best with use of a ball spinner. Consistent scratch patterns provide excellent ball traction on the lane surface, combine benefits of abrasive cloth and non-woven products, and the opening in fabric allows water to flow freely around the abrasive.

In times when using a variety of bowling ball equipment is both necessary and costly to remain competitive, the Ebonite Abralon pads provide a good method of maintaining bowling ball surfaces prepared for use on a range of lane oiling conditions. Why not consider a modest investment in maintaining your bowling ball surfaces and be ready for the lane challenges which lie ahead?

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