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Cleaning Your Roto Grip Mutant Cell Bowling Ball

Keeping your bowling equipment reacting its' best is important to all bowlers. There are different options and methods you can use in order to keep your Mutant Cell bowling ball reacting its best.
Roto Grip recommends that you use a bowling ball spinner to sand the 4 sides of your ball at different intervals in order to keep your bowling ball reacting at peak performance. In order to do this, you must have the following products:

  • Abralon Pads

  • Ball Spinner - If you do not have one, you're local pro shop will most likely have one available

The Roto Grip Mutant Cell bowling ball comes out-of-the-box with a factory finish at 2000-grit Abralon. The following is a recommended maintenance schedule to keep this ball performing at an optimal level:

  1. 500-Grit Abralon pad - Sand for 15 seconds on all four sides of the bowling ball.

  2. 2000-Grit Abralon pad - Sand for 50 seconds on all four sides of the bowling ball.

Roto Grip suggests repeating step 2 from above every 20 to 30 games and both steps every 60 to 80 games to maintain optimal performance.
To keep your Roto Grip bowling equipment reacting its best, download Storm Bowling's recommendation on when to resurface your bowling equipment.
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