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Bowling Posture For Beginners

If you are new to the game and just beginning to bowl regularly, setting-up with a good stance will help you be in a good position to start your steps.
Good posture is very important in retaining good balance and in making accurate deliveries.
Maintaining an athletic bowling body posture during your approach begins with a good stance.
Here are a few tips for taking a proper stance on the approach:
1. Place your bowling shoes together, or perhaps with only one board of space between each shoe. With the toes of your shoes pointing toward the bowling pins “pocket” down the lane.
2. Lean forward far enough to feel as though you might need to step to prevent yourself from falling forward.
3. Flex your knees about an inch or two so you can lean forward with your upper body, but still maintain balance.
4. Ensure your bowling shoulder is about one inch below the level of your non-bowling shoulder and is set about one inch behind your non-bowling shoulder.
5. If you have a curve or hook ball delivery, keep your bowling shoulder slightly behind your non-bowling shoulder throughout your approach.

These keys will help you in gaining consistently good results.
6. Avoid excessive shoulder-rotation back-and-forward while swinging the bowling ball.
7. Maintain alignment of the front-portion of your bowling shoulder toward your target as long as possible during the approach.
8. Keep your head steady and motionless as you walk to the foul line.
These simple tips will help you take a proper bowling stance and ready yourself to bowl. Making a good approach leading to accurate deliveries begins with a good set-up position before you take your first step.