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How to Curve a Bowling Ball

It is always best when learning to bowl to take a lesson from a certified coach. Learning the proper techniques early is truly the quickest way of developing good bowling skills. If you wish to learn how to curve a bowling ball, however, there are a few things to understand so you can practice these techniques and develop a curve or hook ball delivery.

The first elementary thing to do is to hold the bowling ball in a “handshake” position keeping the wrist very straight and motionless while setting-up on the approach and all through the arm swinging and delivery motions. Try to avoid rotating the wrist away from a handshake position as to either place the ball with the palm of your hand directly behind the ball facing the pins at the moment of release or by rotating your hand where the back of the hand faces the pins at the moment of release. Either hand rotation will produce random results and likely not the consistent curving action on the ball you seek.

Maintaining the “handshake position” during the releasing action of the bowling ball is the simplest method of learning how to curve a bowling ball. A wrist support bowling accessorydevice can be helpful to produce a firm and straight wrist position throughout the swinging and release motions.

If you try and copy the pro bowlers on television with their releases, you will likely get caught in a trap of uncertainty and produce poor results.

You can find many useful coaching articles on our site by some of the very best contributing writers in the industry or by viewing some of the wonderful video clips of new ball demonstrations so you can visualize how to curve a bowling ball. also did an episode of Talk Bowling that gives a little more detail as well.

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