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Bowling League Lane Courtesy

Observing good bowling league lane courtesy keeps things rolling along smoothly. If every bowler would simply follow common bowling league lane courtesy, then the pace of play would speed up and each bowler would be able to establish a good tempo when competing in three, four or five person team leagues.

Let's examine a few easy courtesies which work well for all league bowlers:

If bowlers are on adjacent lanes readying to bowl or watching their deliveries travel down the lane, do not step onto your approach. Wait until both lanes clear before setting up to make a delivery.
That's right, please make sure you have no one on either side of you while you get ready to bowl. Just wait until bowlers on adjacent lanes deliver their shots and begin walking back off of their approach before stepping onto your approach. It is that simple.
There is absolutely no need to wait for a pair of lanes courtesy on adjacent lanes as the pro bowlers do in their special competitions. As a league bowler, you are not trying to earn your living delivering bowling balls. You are competing for fun, albeit seriously, in competition. The need to wait for a pair of lanes in both directions to clear before you bowl is not necessary, unless specific league rules permit extended lane courtesies.

One lane courtesy in both directions is all any league bowler needs to make a shot and not be interfered with during the delivery. The same courtesy is due to you by the other bowlers in return.

Be ready to bowl when it is your turn. Avoid wasting time engaging in conversation with other bowlers when it is your turn to bowl. Have your bowling ball in hand and be ready to take your stance when it is your turn. Keep an eye on the other bowlers on your pair of lanes so you know when it is your turn to bowl.

Return off of the approach as soon as your ball impacts the pins. Allow other bowlers to each adjacent lane to ready themselves to bowl.
It should take no longer than five to ten seconds total time to take aim, begin your walk to the line, and deliver the ball. It will take anywhere from 2 - 4 seconds for the ball to arrive at the pins, and about five seconds for you to walk off of the approach and allow bowlers next to you to prepare to bowl.

If everyone keeps moving steadily and observes these simple lane courtesies, a nice pace of bowling occurs and makes it enjoyable for everyone in your league.

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