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Bowling Ball Surface Alterations, Originally Posted: 8/1/2013; Updated: 4/11/2023

If you are trying to get maximum performance from your existing bowling balls, learn a little about bowling ball surface alterations.
Not only is it important to protect your investment by taking proper care of your bowling ball surfaces, you can alter your ball surface texture to create a reaction to better match with given lane conditions.

Today's new resin coverstocks require much more maintenance than the rubber, plastic or urethane coverstocks of the past.
Because of the amount of hook potential modern bowling balls generate, they are susceptible to the absorption of oil into the pores of the coverstocks and to picking up dirt or residue from the lane surface.

Cleaning your ball surfaces routinely is a recommended procedure following each session on the lanes.
Cleaning the ball surfaces are not enough if you wish to get a dependable ball reaction. Periodic surface alterations are needed to properly restore your ball reaction.

However, after 30-60 games merely refreshing the surface is no longer as effective to restore a desired ball reaction. At this point, resurfacing and/or rejuvenating the given bowling ball will restore it’s reaction capabilities.

Resurfacing of a bowling ball will require it to be textured starting with a low grit of Abralon pad, and work up with finer grit pads to remove the nicks and track lines. Continue the texture process until the desired surface texture is achieved. Not only will this restore the ball reaction, but it will also leave the ball looking almost new.

For a quick surface texture alteration, use fine grit Abralon pads, 2000 - 4000 grit pads, and apply consistent pressure to the ball surface if you seek a longer skid length when the lanes begin to hook.
If you seek to combat heavy oil, use a coarse grit pad, 500 - 1000 grit pads, to scuff the texture to create greater traction on the lane surface.

Of course, using middle grit pads, 1500 - 2000 grit pads, will give you a moderate skid length and moderate traction in the mid-lane.

Protecting the coverstocks of your equipment is important in prolonging the life of each of your bowling balls.

When you first notice your ball losing its reaction, refresh the surface using techniques recommended by the manufacturers or by your pro shop professional and keep your bowling balls ready for use.

These techniques include regular cleaning of your ball surfaces and refreshing the surface texture as desired to restore ball motion. Resurface your equipment after 60 games of use to properly and reliably restore original and like-new ball reaction capabilities.

Protect your investment in your bowling balls and use simple surface texture alterations to maintain the ball reaction you seek.

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