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About Rich Carrubba

Rich Carrubba came on board with in 2009 as a producer of content.  His love of the sport of bowling lends itself to this position by allowing his passion to "Help Bowler's Make Better Decisions" guide him in his writing.  His articles range from product information to the more appealing tips and coaching ideas.

We at are committed to our mission statement. We are about more than commerce.  Commerce is just what lets us continue as a business.  But at the core of everything, we are bowlers.  We love the sport.  We want to engage others to take up the passion of the sport.  Therefore we stress the 3 C's.  Content (articles and information to help bowlers), Community (The place to let bowlers gather.  Read articles & reviews.  Do research.  Learn.), and Commerce (purchase the best equipment, at the best prices).  Our competition relies on the third C alone.  They do not bowl, they do not care to bowl.  They just want your money.


Touring Player, PBA Tour 1971 -1981

  • Former Member PBA Executive Board

  • Former Member PBA Tournament Committee

  • Former Member PBA Television Committee

  • 1984 PBA Western Classic Champion

Coast Resorts, Inc., Las Vegas, Nv. 1988 - 1997

  • Director of Bowling Sales, Tournaments, and Special Events @ Orleans & Gold Coast Hotels, Casinos, and Bowling Centers

Storm Products, Inc. 1997 – 2008

  • V.P., Business Development

Personal Accomplishments:

  • Former Bowling Radio Talk Show Host/Producer

  • Author


  • University of California, Berkeley


  • Viet Nam Veteran, 1969-1970