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You Don't Have To Be At Your Best If You Bowl Smart

By: - 12/1/15

If you are bowling in meaningful competition and are not at the top of your game, you don’t have to be at your best if you bowl smart.

Manage your technique when you bowl in competition. Play the game in front of you and that is playing the lanes sensibly.

If you are not in top form, perhaps trying to overpower the lane condition is not in your best interest.

Make a clean pass through the ball and avoid trying to “rip the cover off of your ball” but instead, make a smooth delivery and place focus on hitting your target along your intended delivery path.

The mental game is something we all read or hear about. The biggest component of a sound mental game is to identify a clear strategy and committing to that strategy.

If you are less than 100% making good shots, then reduce the chances of making bad shots by simply playing your “safe game” until you feel you have re-established your best swings or best releases and can “turn it loose” once again.

In every competition there will be low points and high points as you bowl when it counts most. Learn to trust your decisions about playing the lanes and never fear making adjustments if you think necessary.

Trust your “safe game” by easing back a bit on your release power to improve your percentage of hitting the pocket. Place great emphasis on picking up all of your spares.

Work your way sensibly through the transitions in the lane oil pattern and until you regain the feel and confidence to attack the pocket with all of your usual release power.

Improve your performance during competition on difficult lane conditions by making that task of hitting the pocket your key objective.

Do so by practicing on a range of lane conditions (whenever possible) such as long oil patterns, short or mid-distance patterns, and on blended and wet/dry patterns to best prepare yourself for tournament conditions.

Do not overlook the importance of maintaining your pre-shot routine on every time you step onto the approach. This is an actual game management trick you can use to your advantage so the pressure of bowling in stiff competition does not overcome your ability to think your way through each frame and each game.

Finally, stay in shape for bowling long format events so you do not tire under the rigors of strong competition.

If you do not enjoy nor commit to exercise, then develop a routine of stretching your muscles before you bowl so each time you take to the lanes so you feel equally ready to begin bowling.

Let the game come to you but avoid chasing that perfect feel or that perfect stroke. Play the lanes in front of you, zoom in on hitting the pocket, and convert your spares.

The simple tricks of the trade can get you through the most difficult of competitions.

You don’t have to be at your best if you bowl smart.

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