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What Do You Find Most Difficult In Adjusting To Bowling Lane Conditions?
Publish Date: 9/3/15 continues our series of Editorial articles to express opinions about the bowling industry. This article asks you what do you find most difficult in adjusting to bowling lane conditions?

Please participate and let us know your thoughts about your challenges in playing the lanes and oil patterns?

Let’s get you started by saying that there are many aspects of related to aligning yourself to hitting the pocket and then making adjustments as oil conditions change during your competitive sessions.

It is not important what your skill level or experiences in the game are but only what you find most challenging in playing the lanes.

Here are ideas which may guide your comments:

Do you struggle with an initial alignment in hitting the pocket consistently?

Are making alignment adjustments as the lane conditions change your biggest challenge?

Do you prefer to make angle adjustments when delivering your bowling ball or do you prefer retaining the same alignment and making other adjustments as the oil breaks down while bowling in a league or in a tournament?

Is changing ball speed or loft distance difficult for you to maintain accuracy?

What about changing bowling balls? Do you struggle knowing when it will benefit you most to change bowling balls during competition?

Which part of the alignment and adjustment process do you see as most challenging?

Everyone experiences challenges in playing the lanes effectively regardless of skill levels or experience in the game. What are your challenges?

We would like to read your comments so kindly place them in our blog section immediately below this article and share with us your what you are thinking please.

We thank you in advance for your participation and we look forward to reading your comments.