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Using Your Head For Bowling Balance

By:, 1/13/17

If you are trying to improve your game, start with using your head for bowling balance.

Using your head implies thinking about retaining good body balance when bowling and it also implies keeping your head motionless and positioned straightaway facing your target on the lane.

The human head can be anywhere from 5% to 10% percent of the total body weight of a given bowler.

The sheer weight of the head with respect to the total body mass can cause a shift away from a well balanced approach movement when walking, swinging, and releasing the bowling ball.

Avoid unneeded head movement when throughout your entire approach and delivery movements.

Keep your chin facing your bowling target when walking and swinging your bowling ball.

Allow your bottom portion of your chin to remain at shoulder level but no lower while you bowl.

Keeping your chin facing your aim point means that your head up means that you are keeping your head still and well positioned for balance purposes.

Sudden head movement just prior to releasing your bowling ball and move your body weight just enough to cause an errant shot.

Common example of this sudden and unwanted head movement is watching someone either raise their head, pull away, lean severely toward the side of their body where the bowling ball swings, raise their legs upwards and lose knee flex, or to bend suddenly forward at the waist where the head drops forward and the bowler loses both leverage and accuracy.

There are no “cookie cutter” balance tips but one tip no bowler can refute is keeping the head still as possible while bowling.

Another key in improving your balance by keeping the head still is to also keep your eyes sharply focused on your sight target on the lane. It is so easy to mentally drift from committing fully to delivering your ball over your sight target on the lane. If you allow your mind to wander away from hitting your target with the ball, you are likely thinking too much about the mechanics of your approach movements instead of mentally zooming in on the target. Commit fully to using your head for bowling balance and making one good shot at a time.



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