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The Twilight Of Your Bowling Career

By:, 5/27/17

If you are entering the twilight of your bowling career, it is important to note that you can continue to be effective on the lanes and produce very admirable bowling scores.

If you are a senior bowler, you are likely old enough to remember how bowling balls were far less versatile than they are today.

Bowling ball technology has advanced significantly over the past decades.

Today, you can own a bowling balls with the type of coverstock that creates the right amount of traction on the lane surface your game requires.

These bowling balls can be altered to change the surface friction and change the skid distance to help you get a consistent ball reaction.

Also, you can choose a drilling layout to best match with the overall ball reaction you seek on the lane conditions you face consistently.

The same is true for lane surfaces. Today’s synthetic surfaces provide a smoothness that older wooden surfaces would not. These modern surfaces are very adaptable to a variety of oil conditioning patterns.

The actual lane conditioners themselves come in a variety of viscosity and provide the maintenance teams options to hold up when the lanes get a high amount of lineage.

Because of these advances in bowling ball and lane surface technologies, you can still perform very well as you become older and lose some ball speed and physical strength and flexibility.

If you strive to continue being competitive, then make sure you tune your game and adapt to changing lane conditions.

Avoid being stubborn with making adjustments on the lanes with your alignment and with your physical game techniques to best match with your game and where you bowl.

If you need a simple tip or two to help you pay attention to your game as you advance in years, stay in as good of physical shape as possible.

Another factor which can help your performances in competition is using good bowling body posture where you remain in a well balanced position while you walk and swing your bowling ball. Keep your eyes focused sharply on your aim point on the lane so you remind your brain to signal your body where to deliver the ball. Once you are in a balanced position throughout your approach, hold your form at the foul line during and after you complete your release and follow through movements.


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