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New Release: Motiv Venom Panic Bowling Ball

The pins know that a sneak attack is coming and they are shaking in their boots. The Venom Panic is about to set in!

The Venom Panic bowling ball is the newest edition to the Motiv Venom line.

The Turmoil MFP Pearl Reactive cover surrounds the Gear and when polished at 5000 grit LSP (Laser Scan Polish), you've got a ball with amazing length, and an angular backend reaction on medium-dry lane conditions. The Venom Panic goes long and strikes quick. When the lanes dry out, you need a ball that will skid through the heads with ease, have amazing length and still have enough hook on the backend.

Motiv's current Venom line features the Venom Shock, Venom Strike, Venom Toxin and now the Venom Panic.

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Motiv Venom Panic Bowling Ball