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New Release: Ebonite Warrior Bowling Ball



Ebonite Warrior:

The Ebonite Warrior continues the tradition of amazing high performance pearl bowling balls. For an asymmetric, this ball is amazingly versatile and controllable. This is a ball that will be amazing on longer sport patterns and difficult heavier oil shots.

Fight for victory with the Ebonite Warrior.
The Ebonite Warrior stands to follow in the footsteps of past Ebonite high performance bowling balls. The GB 13.3 Pearl Coverstock, finished at 500/2000 Abralon with Powerhouse Factory Finish polish gives bowlers amazing length.
Inside is the new Iron Fist Asymmetric Core which will allow this ball to read the mid-lane and finish with a continuous, controllable backend reaction. This ball is stronger than any other high performance ball Ebonite has ever released.
The Red/Black Cherry/Red Pearl color gives a feeling of strength as it's rolling downlane.
Here's what Ebonite has to say about the Warrior:
Our brand new GB 13.3 Pearl cover is our most aggressive coverstock. We started with the original chemistry of the GB 10.7 and dramatically increased the porosity levels to aggressively displace oil, giving the GB 13.3 cover the ability to read the mid-lane and backend stronger than any of our other covers.

The Warrior is currently selling for $154.99 and rates a 226.8.