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Bowling A 300 Game

By:, Originally Posted: 2/4/17; Updated: 2/1/21

Bowling a 300 game is not guaranteed to any bowler nor is it a right of passage.

A perfect game is a difficult feat because in addition to hitting the pocket twelve times in a game (in most cases), you must carry strikes each delivery.

There will always be games well bowled which do not come close to a 300 game score.

There can be numerous games where you hit the pocket well enough and simply do not strike 12 times.

On today’s house conditions, where most bowlers participate in league competition, there is a great deal of lane conditioning oil applied to the center portion of the lanes and far less oil toward the edges blended across the lane.

This oil application creates a condition where experienced players can line up and seldom miss the pocket.

It is a proven statistic that vast majority of players getting their first bowling 300 game are bowling on this USBC Red pattern when they do so.

Because of an ability to hit the pocket repeatedly coupled with the modern bowling ball technology, bowlers today have a huge opportunity to carry twelve times thereby recording a perfect game.

A good deal of skill is involved in rolling a perfect game and we should not take that lightly.

Playing the lanes so the angle of entry into the pocket is sharp enough to generate good pin carry is one key component of strike success.

Another is the ability to deliver the bowling ball at a consistent speed each frame.

Knowing how to adjust as the oil pattern changes during your competition is also a big factor in carrying 12 strikes for a 300 game.

Of course, using the right bowling ball at the right time is a factor in hitting the pocket well enough to bowl a 300 game.

It is clear that rolling a perfect game is not an easy task.

Once you are in position to roll a perfect game, say after you have 6 or 7 straight strikes to open a given game of bowling in competition, finishing the job is the next challenge.

Controlling your nerves and continuing making quality shots no matter how much anxiety you feel is an escalating challenge.

Because of these challenges, it can be said again that getting your first bowling 300 game is not an automatic accomplishment. In fact, you might bowl several 300 games and then encounter a dry spell where you do not record another “perfecto.” Pay attention to the details when you are on the lanes and make one good shot at a time. No secrets here, just work and practice and trust in your decisions and in your skills.


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