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Bowling Leagues At Different Centers

Are you competing in bowling leagues at different centers?
If you bowl leagues in different centers, are averaging 190 or better, and if your average varies by 10 pins per game or more, then you need to look at your checklist strategies to combat various lane conditions.
There are a variety of reasons why your average can be 10 pins per game or more apart in different centers. It is important to try and figure out what you can do to close the spread by increasing your average in the centers where you are not scoring as well as you are capable of doing.
One of the first things you can do is to check with center management or with the maintenance personnel responsible for lane conditions and find out how the lanes are oiled and specifically the distance the lanes are oiled at each center where you bowl competitively.
Factors determining how to play the lanes is the location of the break point and its distance beyond the foul line, the cross lane ratio of oil application, and if the condition is blended or a wet/dry block pattern.
Knowing this information will help you determine if you are using the best bowling ball equipment to match with the lane conditions. Using the same ball at each center and on each oil pattern may not be your best option.
As example, if the distance to the pattern is 42 feet, then you know the breakpoint will be closer to the center of the lane than will a shorter distance oil pattern of 38 feet yields.
As the breakpoint distance varies, so will your need to alter your alignment to the pocket.
Long distance oil patterns may require you use bowling balls with low track flare or a weak drilling layout so you can play a more direct line to the pocket without the ball jumping out of the pattern.
On shorter distance patterns, you can use a ball with a stronger layout producing a controllable arc motion because you can deliver the ball with a wider angle to the breakpoint located closer to the edge of the lane than on longer patterns.

Of course, your options in drilling layouts, core designs, and surface texture of given bowling balls adds to the options you have in choosing the best ball to match with these patterns at the various centers where you bowl.
Experimentation will be needed to make sure you build your arsenal to accommodate the various lane conditions with the objective of raising your average and closing the gap between centers.
Adjustments options other than bowling balls might also help do the trick but you must experiment to determine if you need additional ball speed, loft control, release modifications, or delivery angle changes to help narrow the spread in your average from center to center.
Keep an open mind, spend a little time on working on your game, check out your equipment and adjustment options, and see if you can’t get your averages increasing across the board.
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