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Your Last Bowling Performance

What could you have done better? Was your last bowling performance lacking in delivery consistency or in your pocket hitting percentage? Did you miss more routine spares than you should have missed?

What can you do in reviewing your performance immediately following your session on the lanes to help you avoid mistakes or errant shots in your next competitive session?

If you are in the habit of finishing bowling, tossing your bowling ball into your bowling bag, and leaving the bowling center without taking a minute or two to reflect on your performance, you may be missing a chance to make progress in future sessions.

Using the time following your competition to think about what you can do to improve your shot making or make better decisions when making lane adjustments can be beneficial in the long run.

Competition brings out real time results and provides a sound basis to evaluate your performance as opposed to only theory.

It might even help to record your thoughts in a few brief written notes and keep the notes in your bowling bag. Next time you are preparing to bowl, review your notes and recall what thoughts you had immediately following your previous performance.

Awareness is the key in making improvements. You must first understand which areas of your game need attention, then identify specific things to work on. You will then want to work on and implement your changes.

If you forget what happened your previous performance, taking brief notes will have value as a reminder which adjustments are needed to improve your game.

When you are frustrated your game is failing and you bowled poorly, it takes some courage to honestly evaluate what went wrong and plan for future improvement.

Use your last bowling performance to your advantage. Pay attention to the little things you can easily correct and make the adjustments necessary to raise the level of your next performance.