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Why Don't Most Bowling Pro Shops Display All Of The New Bowling Balls?

If you are a beginner bowler and ask why don’t most bowling pro shops display all of the new bowling balls, you can bet that budget issues are one reason?

Since there are so many new balls released each year coupled with the number of new balls released over the past three years, it is impossible for most pro shops to carry every ball in the market.

The cost in doing so would be enormous. Space constraints is also an issue for the average pro shops inside bowling centers.

One quick redeeming thing, however, about only displaying high demand items in the showcases at most pro shops is that any other ball in the manufacturer’s catalogs can easily be special ordered and delivered within a short time if the given ball is not presently inventoried.

Virtually any and all new balls released in today’s market can be ordered and delivered in reasonable time if your chosen ball is not readily available at your favorite pro shop.

There are a variety of ways to learn about the description details of new bowling balls in the catalogs or online if you only invest minimal time doing some research.

It is important to take an active role in your next bowling ball selection. If you rely only on your pro shop professional or your instructor to advise you, you may miss an opportunity to find another ball option which can make a positive difference in your arsenal.

Get involved. Learn as much about bowling balls short of how to drill them as you can and it might become a fun hobby.

No skilled competitive bowler uses only one bowling ball these days. By learning about the types of coverstocks and cores available in the market can get you a long way to understanding your ball reaction and playing the lanes properly.

No bowler can do everything alone, however. You must rely to some extent on getting good advice in getting started until your knowledge of the game grows.

If you are looking for a certain new bowling ball and it is not readily displayed at your favorite pro shop, rest assured a local distributor will be able to get your ball shipped directly to your pro shop.

There can be no substitute for developing a good working relationship with your pro shop professionals when you first start out in the game.

Make the pro shop a frequent place to stop and discuss the latest products and services available to you when you visit your local bowling centers.

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