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Where Do You Align Initially To Hit The Bowling Pocket?

By:, Originally Posted: 4/27/17; Updated: 10/28/2021 continues our series of Editorial articles to express opinions about the bowling industry. This article asks you where do you align initially to hit the bowling pocket?

Because this site provides ongoing and periodic editorial bowling articles, we thought it would be fun to hear from you where you align yourself on the lane and on the approach to hit the pocket when first beginning bowling in a competitive session?

Being properly lined up to hit the pocket is the goal of all bowlers, not only highly skilled players.

Let’s begin by saying that instructors generally communicate to new bowlers to use the 2nd arrow from the edge of the lane as an aim point and stand on the approach with the sliding bowling shoe on or near the center guide dot, the 20 board.

Please share your alignment strategies with everyone so we can all view a cross section of alignment systems for hitting the pocket from a range of bowler experiences. If you also would like to comment on making adjustments as the lanes change during a given session, feel free to do so.

Here are ideas which may lead you to commenting:

*Do you base an initial alignment to the pocket by targeting the 2nd arrow?

*Do you align your sliding shoe on or near the 20 board on the approach when taking your stance position?

*If you have a known drift amount with your steps, do you allow for it by factoring in where you slide and where your bowling ball first contacts the lane surface?

*Do you use a basic alignment system and also use a favorite bowling ball you trust to give you useful feedback by watching the ball reaction?

*Do you use an aggressive coverstock bowling ball or a lesser aggressive ball when first aligning to the pocket?

*Do you watch your ball reaction carefully in the mid-lane and on the back end and adjust your usual starting position accordingly?

*How many shots does it typically take you to read the lanes and align to the pocket?

You get the idea here.

Every bowler has an alignment technique they trust or have used to begin a competitive session of bowling. What is your system or technique?

You need not address each of these ideas provided above. Feel free to share what you wish to communicate.

We would very much appreciate your comments. Kindly place your comment in our blog section immediately below this article. We thank you in advance for your participation and we look forward to reading your comments.

Thank You,


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