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Benefits Of Taking Direct Aim At Your Bowling Target

By:, Originally Posted: 2/1/17; Updated: 11/24/2021

There are benefits of taking direct aim at your bowling target.

The obvious reason is to focus on your aim point on the lane when walking, swinging, and releasing your bowling ball.

Other benefits are involved with zooming in on your target on the lane.

As example, in doing so, you are more likely to keep your head motionless while you approach the foul line.

Keeping your head void of movement helps your body balance and correspondingly, your accuracy.

By keeping a keen eye on your target, you also will tend to walk your intended path to the foul line and avoid the potential of drifting away from your intended path.

Focusing on your target can assist you in completing your swing to a full follow-through position which, in turn, helps you to avoid decelerating your forward swing and lose ball speed.

A loss of ball speed means your ball reaction varies and this makes it difficult to align to the pocket and make reliable adjustments to the pocket when needed.

Finally, taking direct aim at your target helps your commitment to deliver the ball precisely along the intended ball path to help you play the lane conditions effectively.

No question that keeping your eyes on the ball and on your target as you watch your ball pass over this aim point has these side-benefits, all of which will help your game.

Another factor in helping your game is the understanding that it is human nature to think too much while performing physical tasks. When you do, you risk not trusting your instincts fully nor your physical gifts. Trust in your decisions and in your ability to make good shots when needed and keep a focused eye on your mark on the lane. Avoid the risk of becoming too physically mechanical and then not trusting yourself to be fluid and well coordinated while delivering your bowling ball.


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