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What Are Custom Bowling Balls?

If you are asking what are custom bowling balls, then it is a matter of personal interpretation.

For beginning or social and recreational bowlers, a colorful and fun looking bowling ball can be considered a “custom” bowling ball.

Viz-A-Ball types offer popular designs and colorful caricatures appearing on the surfaces of plastic coverstock bowling balls.

These type of balls are not intended for providing a high performance ball reaction but can be useful when shooting spares because they will hold a good line as they travel down the lane without hooking uncontrollably. They are also effective on very dry lane conditions for those recreational bowlers who have developed a hook delivery style.

Another custom ball providing a colorful and very noticeable appearance are sports bowling balls. You can purchase a ball with an NFL logo of your favorite team as you can for basketball, baseball, and so on.

Of course, please do not overlook the term “custom” when referring to a particular high performance ball drilled with a specific layout pattern producing a well defined ball reaction for bowlers competing in leagues and tournaments taking their bowling very seriously.

Finding a custom ball which suits your needs is quite easy if you browse your favorite site, this site as example, and view description details discussing the technical data on any given custom bowling ball.

Custom bowling balls are readily available. All you need to do is decide which type of ball you visualize as a “custom” ball and then start your search today.