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New Exclusive Monster Jam Bowling Balls

They're here! Everyone has been waiting for the all new Monster Jam bowling balls. Now, exclusively from, they have arrived. These new balls each bring your favorite drivers and trucks into your bowling center. With the popularity of Monster Jam rising, these balls will be gone fast. Be the envy of every car crushing fan out there with your new Monster Jam bowling ball straight and only from

What other truck would be the first of our Monster Jam balls but the one and only GRAVE DIGGER! Grave Digger and Dennis Anderson are legendary in the sport of monster trucks and continue to be the most popular truck in history.
For that Grave Digger fan that loves Grave Digger toys, Grave Digger gifts, we now have the Grave Digger bowling ball. Anything Grave Digger. This is your chance to get a unique limited Grave Digger bowling ball that you can only get from This is an officially licensed Monster Jam-Grave Digger product.

Blue Thunder is a fan favorite at any event and everyone likes a truck that is Built Ford Tough!
When Ford teamed up with Monster Jam in 2001, Blue Thunder was born. Based of the body style of a Ford F-350 Super Duty, the lightning-streaked truck has been a Monster Jam mainstay for nearly a decade. Today, there are actually two Blue Thunder trucks, one driven by Linsey Weenk and the other piloted by Tony Farrell. Thanks to having such a talented team of veteran drivers on their roster, Blue Thunder has appeared at every Monster Jam World Finals since the year of its creation.
Now brings you this great Monster Jam Legend on a great looking bowling ball. This ball truly will help you FEEL THE POWER!

Avenger is one of the craziest trucks, driven by the Wild Man himself Jim Koehler.
In 1997, a monster truck with a mind of its own busted onto the Monster Jam scene. The monster truck was created with a hot rod in mind, 1957 body, and only one person capable of handling its violent nature... Jim Koelher.

Captains Curse has quickly become a fan favorite and is always fun to watch.
In 2007, a truck traveled across the seven seas, and docked in Las Vegas to make its debut at the Monster Jam World Finals. The lucky mate behind the wheel was Alex Blackwell.
Blackwell has always been involved in some aspect of motor sports. It wasn't until 2005 that he actually started competing in the Monster Jam circuit. Then in 2007, when he took over driving privileges for Captains Curse, he made the truck a star. Not only was Captains Curse a brand new truck at the Las Vegas Monster Jam World Finals, but it also was crowned the 2007 Monster Jam World Finals freestyle champion" in its debut appearance!

Who let the DAWG Out!!!! Monster Mutt is ready to roll
Imagine if the family dog suddenly sprouted six foot tires instead of legs and grew to almost twelve feet tall, and you have a pretty good picture of Monster Mutt! There are actually two versions of the canine of carnage: the original brown maniac and Monster Mutt dalmatian, boasting white fur and tons of black polka dots.
Both monster trucks share similar body styles, and both have massive floppy ears, tongues, and even tails! The brown Monster Mutt is driven by Whit Tarlton Lee O'Donnell. And Monster Mutt dalmatian is driven by the beautiful up and comer Candice Jolly, one of the few women drivers competing in Monster Jam.
You can't cage the dog and you can't cage the ball!

Jimmy Creten and Bounty Hunter are legends in Monster Jam and everyone gets on their feet when this bad boy rolls out.
Bounty Hunter has been chasing down competitors since 1996 when Jimmy Creten decided to buy his very own monster truck, and race it. With a robotics degree behind him and years of experience as an engineer Creten was able to give Bounty Hunter the competitive edge it needed to stand out amongst the other monster trucks. Creten even took Bounty Hunter to the final four in every attempt during his 5 year tenure at the Monster Jam World Finals. Then in 2005, Jimmy lived out a dream by capturing the Monster Jam World Finals freestyle championship title.

Equipped with the red eyes and skulls of a wild longhorn this ball will intimidate anyone who stands in your way. Iron Outlaw is a truck and a ball that everyone keeps an eye out for.
This is a exclusive and can not be purchased anywhere but here.
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