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Using Bowling Tape

Bowling tape is a must item to keep in your accessory bag for those times when your bowling fingers or thumb shrink and you need to fill extra space inside your gripping holes.
To ensure the gripping holes fit your bowling fingers and thumb, use any of the leading bowling tape in the market today and you will regain a proper grip of your bowling ball.
Some tape has a greater thickness than other tapes. Some tapes have a smooth surface texture while others use a more textured surface for enhanced gripping purposes.
Choosing the best tape for you depends on how much you bowl, the seasonal climate conditions where you bowl, and if your fingers and thumb tend to swell or shrink the more you bowl.
Using bowling tape will eliminate the loose feeling in the gripping holes. Since squeezing the ball too tightly is a fairly common problem with many bowlers, the use of bowling tape can help eliminate the degree you will squeeze the ball when preparing to bowl.
When using finger inserts, bowling tape may still be used as needed. The nice thing about bowling tape is you can stack pieces on top of one another and then remove tape a piece at a time as your hand swells while you are bowling.
Be sure to clean the inside of your gripping holes before using new pieces of tape to ensure a good bond between the ball material and the tape.

The location inside the gripping holes where you use tape may vary. If you prefer to feel the ball surface with the pads of your fingers and thumb, then insert the tape behind your finger or thumb knuckles.
If you wish to feel the tape with the pads of your fingers or thumb, then insert the tape where your finger pads evenly grip the tape surface when you place your hand into the bowling ball.
A properly fitted bowling ball is essential for shotmaking consistency. Using bowling tape is one accessory item no experience bowler should be without.