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Useless Bowling Practice Tips

OK, you have heard them all - all of the routine bowling tips about practice when trying to improve your game.
• You have learned that you must work on your physical game fundamentals.
• You have heard tips about understanding and practicing with your various bowling ball equipment.
• You have heard or read tips about playing both house conditions and challenging tournament lane conditions.
• And finally, you have heard about developing a structured practice routine.
Now you find yourself fed up with tips and wanting information involving less effort on the practice lanes. You know that it is pretty easy to maintain a decent average with little practice these days. You may be a bowler who can carry a very decent average and never practice, but only bowl in leagues. If you are not a bowler who enjoys practice or taking bowling instruction, and it's a matter of you simply finding an easy tip or two and not a full blown instructional strategy which will lead to higher scores, then we are willing to help you.
Here are a few tips to help your shot making and accuracy which require only a modest amount of practice.
1. Place a bowling towel on the foul line directly under the board where the center of your ball passes over when you make your delivery.

Make sure about 6 inches minimum of towel lies on the lane surface beyond the foul line but no portion of the towel interferes with the boards on the approach where your sliding bowling shoe enters the foul line.
2. Deliver twenty consecutive shots clearing the towel with emphasis on not rotating your ball with your bowling fingers more than one inch of rotation.
3. Make complete follow-through swing motions each delivery without decelerating your forward swing.
4. Deliver the twenty shots within .2 seconds of elapsed travel time with one another before contacting the pins on the deck.
Use the automatic score speed readout device to help you watch your average speed or elapsed time readouts.
These tips are fairly simple to implement and should help you develop a consistent ball reaction. Nevertheless, enjoy the game as you know it and have fun. What the heck, that is what bowling is supposed to be anyhow, right? Fun!