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Two Handed Bowling Revolutions

There’s no secret that two-handed bowlers have more revolutions on a bowling ball than a conventional one-handed bowler. There are pros to having a high rev rate as well as some cons. However that’s what makes the sport of bowling fun. You excel through your strengths, grind through the weaknesses, and improve your game by learning from your mistakes and limitations. Having revolutions is an advantage for two-handed bowlers, but at times it can be our biggest nightmare.

What is a revolution (a “rev” as it’s commonly known in bowling”? A rev is one complete turn on its axis, 360 degrees. A two-handed bowler can have anywhere from 400 to over 550 revolutions on a ball, and that’s a lot. The more revolutions we put on our ball, the less skid it will create and the earlier roll we will see on the lane. This contributes to the reason why two-handed bowlers excel on longer patterns where our one-handed counterparts often struggle... more revolutions. However, short oil patterns can be our nightmare, our haunted house of horrors if you want to be creative. With our high rev rate, we often need to throw the weakest product in our ball. Generally this will be either urethane or plastic. We also often need to play the outside part of the lane with this weaker equipment, which can be outside of our comfort zone.

You may wonder, “how are revs created?” Simple. There is a direct correlation between our hand position at the point of release and the number of revolutions we put on the ball. The further the fingers are under the equator of the ball, the longer the fingers remain in the ball, therefore creating more revolutions. Our wrist position at release is one of the main reasons two-handers are able to create more revolutions than traditional bowlers. Most two-handers do not put their thumb in the ball, so this allows them to use a stronger wrist position. . Being in good health is a key to successfully achieving high revolutions. Having a strong wrist will create stronger ball roll as well as higher hook potential.

Two-handed bowlers generate momentum throughout our approach via quick footwork tempo, which allows us to put more revolutions on the ball. Our legs are a vital key to our quick tempo.

Revs are easy for a two-handed bowler to create. The only question now is how many revs do you want to put on your bowling ball, and how much hook are you looking for? Rev your game up here at, it’s where bowlers go.


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