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Tips For Senior Bowlers With Slow Ball Speed

It is not always advantageous to try to get the maximum hook reaction on your bowling ball. It is important, however, to know when to straighten your delivery to achieve consistent ball motion and a high percentage of pocket hits.

If you are a senior bowler who struggles to get decent ball speed, there are a few simple tips we can offer to help you bowl effectively:

1. Choose a bowling ball which does not promote an aggressive reaction on the lane. Typically you can use an entry level, pearl coverstock which promotes a longish skid length so you do not have to fight an early bowling ball hook motion. Regular urethane and plastic coverstocks are also good options. They will give you good skid length and control the amount of back end lane hook.

With slower ball speed, using a bowling ball with a high track flare drilled with a super strong layout is a combination which may not be in your best interest if you want to get a consistent ball reaction and contact the pocket as often as possible. Using a low flare ball can help you control the ball reaction you get on the back end of the lane.

2. Consider using a wrist support device to control and regulate the exiting of your thumb from your ball in relation to your fingers. The thumb should exit the ball slightly ahead of your fingers.

3. Avoid rotating your bowling fingers or your bowling hand too much so you reduce the amount of axis tilt imparted on your ball so the ball can maintain a straighter line to the pocket. Rotating the ball too much and too early is the chief cause of early hook and inconsistent deliveries. If your hand is behind the ball when you are ready to deliver the ball, rotate your bowling fingers perhaps only one inch to develop a consistent ball reaction.

4. Make sure you get the ball over the foul line every delivery. Many senior bowlers drop the ball onto the approach floor behind the foul line resulting in an early hooking motion which is difficult to control and killing any chance at gaining an effective roll on the bowling ball.

5. Do not use a heavier weight than you can easily handle so you can maintain or perhaps gain ball speed.

6. Accelerate your forward swing to a full follow-through position each delivery. More bowlers lose ball speed because of slowing the forward swing and abbreviating a full follow-through motion than you might expect. Follow-through aggressively toward your target but be careful to not lose balance when you release your bowling ball.

Follow these easy tips and they will help you overcome slow ball speed and be more effective on the lanes. If you have any questions or concerns about your slow ball speed, consult your local bowling instructors or pro shop professionals to discuss your needs.