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The Famous “Pseudo Pin” Layout Technique

The Pseudo Pin Layout was developed by the engineers at Storm for balls that have a Pin placement greater than 6-3/4 inches. This can be used for Pro-Pin balls as well that have really long Pins. This layout is to be used to find the Pseudo Pin, which is the negative pin on the bowling ball marking the bottom of the weight block. The best thing about this is that it not only works with Storm and Roto Grip bowling balls, but every manufacturer. The only requirement is that the ball have a Pin longer than 6-3/4″
When a ball is rotated off of a bowler’s hand around their Positive Axis Point (PAP), gravity will constantly pull the top and the bottom of the ball. As the ball rotates, gravity will equally affect both the positive and negative X-Axis. In bowling terms, the manufacturer’s Pin marks the positive X-Axis. Likewise, the negative X-Axis is referred to as the “Pseudo Pin” because it is 180 degrees opposite of the “normal” Pin. Since both the positive and negative X-Axis will encounter the same gravitational pull equally, it does not matter if the ball is drilled using the regular Pin or the Pseudo Pin so long as either have been properly oriented to the bowler’s PAP.