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900 Global Bank WSOP contest

BANK Program Rules and Regulations:

How to register-
Each consumer that purchases a Bank ball will be invited to compete in a private online free-roll satellite tournament presented by 900 Global, where the winner will receive a World Series of Poker main event seat and $1,000 cash. To register for this event consumers will need to remove the Bank card that can be found in every Bank single ball box. The Bank card needs to be completely filled out without exception. Entries must contain a valid phone number and email address. In addition to this information the consumer must attach the proof of purchase bar code to the card. This POP bar code sticker is located at the top of the single ball box, on the flap. The card must be mailed to and received by 900 Global no later than November 15th 2010. Consumers will be contacted by email with further information regarding the date, time and location of the online tournament. Consumers that purchase two or more Banks will be entered into a secondary event that will be conducted soon after in which another seat and more cash/prizes will be awarded.
Please mail all Bank entry forms to:
900 Global
Attention: BANK Tournament
5005 West Avenue
San Antonio, Texas 78213
Tournament Dates/Time:
The tournaments online location, dates and times will be announced on our website as well as by email to all registrants in the coming weeks. 900 Global reserves the right to make changes to the location, date and time of the event if necessary at any time.
The winner/s of the W.S.O.P. main event seat agrees to play in the event and wear supplied apparel/patches from 900 Global on the upper right and left chest area. All winners consent to be used in any future advertisements by 900 Global.
All Rights Reserved by 900 Global LLC.

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