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The Combination To Your Bowling Safe

PBA Hall of Fame Champion and instructor of renown, Don Johnson, would often vocalize one of his favorite tips for his students - “using all of your bowling variables will give you the combination to your bowling safe.”
While watching Don coach bowlers of all skill levels many times over the years, I would hear Don tell his students that if you develop a system of using all the variables in your skill sets to your full advantage, then those variables would give you the combination to your bowling safe so you could open the door and take the money!
Don quickly pointed out to his students that every bowler, regardless of his or her skill and experience levels, had available a range of physical game, lane adjustments, and bowling ball drilling pattern variables to select from when in competition.
As we refer to in many of our articles presented in the "BowlVersity" section of, get familiar with your checkpoint variables relating to your bowling footwork, arm swing, release, posture and balance at the foul line to open the way to making effective physical game adjustments during competition.
Additionally, adjust to the changing lane conditions and trust your ball reaction to signal which variable to use when making the alignment change. Waiting too long to make an adjustment is a stubborn and non-productive way of overcoming changing oil conditions.
Familiarize yourself with the pro shop services and gain an understanding of how bowling ball drilling layouts will vary ball motion.
In short, use the variables you have learned and practiced when changes are necessary during competition.

Trust your ball reaction and make any needed physical game adjustments if you make a poor delivery. Do not wait until a series of poor deliveries occurs before implementing a change.
Use a similar strategy in making lane adjustments if you see your bowling ball miss the pocket after making a good delivery.
In a simple but clear manner, use the variables in your pool of resources to your full advantage so you get the combination to your bowling safe and then take out all of the money.
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