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The Best Bowling Coach, Originally Posted: 8/3/2013; Updated: 4/6/2023

Who is the very best bowling coach? Can you identify the world’s best coach?
Well, if you come up with names other than your own, you would be wrong.
Unless you are willing to accept instructional tips from any coach of renown and are willing to work on your game, the best tips in the world will not help.
You are your own best bowling ally. If you reject good information, no coach can help you improve your game.
If you are willing to accept good coaching information, your brain will process the information and signal your body how to respond in a positive manner.
You must be open-minded and willing to be coached before listening to any amount of tips, strategy, or theory.
Because of your given state of mind, the only real coach you can listen to is yourself.
You have heard of the old adage that “garbage in, garbage out.” If you allow yourself to accept the poor thoughts and negative ideas which can creep into your mind, no formidable coaching can help.

Instead, become willing to introduce good ideas and thoughts into your brain, and you are taking a step toward improvement.
No top coach can help you if you do not wish to be helped. Your attitude and state of mind dictates how you will perform when on the lanes.
To thine own self be true. If you wish to open your mental lines of communication containing the good ideas you have and merge them with a good coaching suggestions, you give yourself a good chance at making progress.
Everything starts with you and your frame of mind.
There are no secrets to the game of bowling. The very best friend you have to help your game is yourself. Go easy on yourself. You just might find some encouraging results with your game if you give yourself a chance to perform to your capabilities.
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