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Symmetry Doesn’t Apply Solely to the Characteristics of a Bowling Ball’s Core – June 2009 – No Holes Barred

THIS MONTH’S OFFERINGS include an impressively strong pearlized reactive and, in contrast, an equally impressive tame pearlized reactive. Now that’s symmetry.
The strongest edition is the Chainsaw Massacre from Lane #1. It features an updated Bleeder coverstock, which detests oil and loves dry. This combination creates the long and strong reaction many bowlers look for. Be advised that its hockey stick-shaped ball motion should not be used in all applications due to its increased angle of entry and somewhat higher volatility.
The tamer piece is from Hammer and is the second color permutation in the Razyr line. The highly attractive three-piecer displayed unusually strong hitting power considering its smaller weight block design. The Razyr lineup allows bowlers to play five to 10 boards farther outside their target lines compared to using powerhouse hook monsters like the Hammer Sauces or Black Widows.
Even though the last two months have each had only two releases, it’s a good bet that Bowl Expo will boast a dozen or more new striking machines for the next edition of this column. The Expo is our industry’s yearly trade show, which houses all of bowling’s suppliers and its vital integers.

Joe Cerar Jr.

*Posted with permission from Luby Publishing Inc.