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Super Six Bowling Tips

By:, 5/17/16

If you are an advanced player and are seeking some advice on keeping your game in order during competition, consider these super six bowling tips.

Competition can cause you to make mistakes. Anyone can make mistakes. Perhaps you would not make these mistakes when you are bowling relaxed, in open play when your scores do not really matter, or even in a fun league.

If you are making physical game mistakes you would like to avoid, give some serious thought to these six simple tips:

*Feet - Think about making a smooth and slow start to your approach. Avoid rushing or surging into your first step or two. Visualize a well balanced final step with your bowling shoe sliding smoothly into the foul line.

*Use a consistent pace of steps and allow the momentum you gain when swinging your bowling ball to help you develop an accelerated forward swing. Avoid forcing your swing and release.

*Focus - Rely on making one good bowling shot at a time and do not get ahead of yourself thinking about past or future shots. Stay in the moment.

*Relax - Minimize muscle tension while you bowl. Relax your neck, shoulders, legs, and bowling arm while making your approach.

*Balance - Hold your form at the foul line after releasing the bowling ball to ensure good balance and accuracy.

*Minimize muscle tension while you bowl. Relax your neck, shoulders, legs, and bowling arm while making your approach.

*Pre-Shot Routine - Take care in setting up on the approach consistently each shot and make your alignment decision before stepping onto the approach. If you step onto the approach and have yet to decide where to stand and where to aim on the lane, it may be too late and you risk making errant shots.

These super six bowling tips will position you to maximize your talents and perform best under the rigors of competition.

Trust your skills and your ability to make quality shots when you need them most.

Think and act. Trust your own eyes and your decisions.

Success comes from developing good physical game fundamentals and then applying them in competition.

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