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Seven Sins In Bowling

If your are averaging between 140 - 170 and want to know which things prevent you from improvement, avoid these seven sins in bowling.

There are some common faults everyone experiences from time to time and they usually lead to less than your best performances. Here are seven sins, seven mistakes, you might want to watch for next time you find your game suffering a bit:

First steps too fast - make every attempt to take your first two steps smoothly and under control. Rushing your first couple of steps means you might make the rest of your approach also hurry to catch up and this will cause errant deliveries.

Raising up at the foul line - remain still and avoid rearing up your head and shoulders as you release your bowling ball. Don’t be in a hurry to watch the results of your delivery until your ball passes by your spot on the lane. Learn to post up your slide step and hold your form while releasing your ball.

Walking toward the ten pin - one of the main reasons right handed bowlers miss the ten pin spare (opposite for left handed bowlers) is walking toward the ten pin and ending up sliding near or at the center of the approach. By walking toward the spare as opposed to walking a straight path to the foul line after moving cross lane cuts off your effective angle to pick up the ten pin and brings the channel into play.

Lunging your head in front of your body on the final step - avoid the urge to chase your bowling ball down the lane by lunging your head out in front of your sliding step. By lunging, you will certainly lose balance during the critical time you are releasing your ball. Remain motionless with your upper body as you enter into your final step.

Swinging the ball around your body - make sure you allow your forward swing to remain on the intended swing path by swinging your ball close to your body and then follow through toward your sighting target. “Roundhousing” your swing causes errant deliveries because your bowling ball usually is too far away from your sliding ankle as your bowling hand reaches the release zone.

Taking your eyes off of your mark - Keep your focus on your spot on the lane once you begin your approach and throughout your approach and delivery. In fact, train yourself to watch your mark until your ball passes over the mark on its way to the pocket.

Turning your ball early - avoid trying to rush your delivery by grabbing your ball before it reaches the bottom of your forward swing. By engaging your bowling hand before your ball arrives at the bottom of your forward swing causes your fingers to rotate the ball before your thumb exits the ball which, in turn, causes the back of your bowling hand to roll over the top of the ball during your delivery.

These seven simple tips will help you keep your game on track if you feel things are going poorly. There are many things which can go wrong while you are on the lanes but these seven sins of bowling are frequent causes of poor shot making.

Use these tips when you get on the practice lane and develop good techniques to control your approach and avoid wasting shots.