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New Release: Storm Torrent Bowling Ball

By: 1/16/2017

Storm Torrent:

The Storm Torrent

follows in some pretty huge footsteps. Storm has been known for its solid reactive releases from the Thunder line. From the original Black Thunder, to the T-Road Solid and recently the Rocket Ship. The Torrent fills these footsteps perfectly and carries on the amazing tradition. This solid, sanded reactive ball will provide a super smooth and strong reaction on medium-heavy oil conditions.

Prepare for a flood with the Storm Torrent!

For the Torrent, Storm has reformulated their Booster core to create the Booster HV symmetric core. HV stands for "High Volume", which is exactly what you'll want to use this ball on. Featuring a high RG and medium-high differential, this ball will have amazing continuation on heavier oil conditions.

The cover on the Torrent is the ever-proven R2S Solid reactive. R2S Solid is versatile and very strong. This cover/core combo is going to provide an outstanding motion on longer oil patterns.

Here's what Storm Bowling has to say about the Torrent:

The Torrent features a newly designed symmetrical core. The Booster HV core highlights a benchmark in ball motion with its medium RG and Differential design. The solid R2S coverstock delivers the optimum amount of performance on a variety of conditions.

The Torrent is currently selling for $139.99 and rates a 211.2.


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