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New Release: Roto Grip Unhinged Bowling Ball

Length with strength and predictability. The Roto Grip Unhinged bowling ball will tear the doors off of the bowling center!

Roto Grip releases the newest edition to their HP3 line, the Unhinged joining the Hysteria.

The Unhinged features the proven Late Roll 69 Core that is also used in the Hysteria. This core with its High RG and Medium/High Differential will allow this ball to push through the heads with ease and save up energy for the back part of the lane.

Pair this with the 60M Pearl Reactive coverstock polished at 1500 Grit, you'll see a ball with amazing length and an extremely strong but predictable hook on the backend.

This cover and core combination will allow bowlers to see the length necessary to battle medium oil conditions and create the proper angle in to the pocket. That's how you carry and carry is how you score!

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Roto Grip Unhinged Bowling Ball