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New Release: Roto Grip Menace Bowling Ball

Roto Grip Menace:

The new Roto Grip Menace is here to give noogies, swirlies and wedgies to all of the pins on heavy oil. Creating hook is no problem for the Menace. The Cage core paired with the 74H Solid Reactive coverstock creates a ball motion that is strong and smooth in all parts of the lane. Continuation is key for an early rolling ball like this. The Menace has no issues kicking out the corners and striking with ease!

Featuring the Cage Core and the strongest Roto Grip Solid Reactive coverstock to date, prove your notoriety with the Menace.
The Cage Core, first featured on the Sinister features medium-RG/High Differential/High MB Differential that reads the mid-lane and reacts with a phenomenal motion on the back end. Heads will roll with this kind of motion, making it perfect for the heaviest of oil patterns.
Combined with the 74H Solid Reactive coverstock finished to 3000-Grit, this sanded beast will power through the heaviest conditions. The Red, Yellow and Green colors make it undeniable that the Menace is what's blasting the pins into oblivion.
Here's what Roto Grip has to say about the Menace:
Let the buildings crumble and the dogs howl in the streets, my Cage core conquers the middle with no mercy and my 74H solid reactive cover will take on all obstacles and won’t stop until all have succumbed to my power! The annihilation is inevitable.

The Menace is currently selling for $164.99 and rates a 232.00.