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New Release: Roto Grip Hyper Cell

The Roto Grip Hyper Cell is exactly what Roto Grip has promised. It gives a nice amount of length in the front, and kills in the backend. This is just what Roto Grip needed to charge their HP4 line up for 2014.

One of the greatest cores of all-time is back and it's covered with a modern coverstock for the most intense ball reaction ever created. The Roto Grip Hyper Cell! SUPERHEROES NEVER DIE THEY'RE REBORN FOR A GREATER PURPOSE The Cell was a lane-dominating superhero. I am Hyper Cell, the evolution of power, with my proven Nucleus Core and new 80H MicroBite coverstock. My purpose is to take your game to greatness and make you the hero. REAL POWER COMES FROM WITHIN Like all superheroes, I have incredible guts. My Nucleus Core, a gift from the Cell, gives me strength and the ability to dominate the lanes through continuous motion and unstoppable power. The pins should know better than to test me. SUPERHEROES CAN HANDLE ANYTHING Part of being a hero is having tough skin capable of standing up to everything in your way. My 80H MicroBite coverstock is the strongest Roto Grip has ever developed and gives me unimaginable power. Even the oiliest conditions aren't a problem for me. EVEN THE SLICKEST VILLAINS CAN'T STOP ME My 2000-grit pad finish is one of the greatest weapons in my arsenal. Combine that with my Nucleus Core and 80H MicroBite coverstock and you're dealing with heavy oil's worst nightmare. So bring it on, heavy oil. You're no match for me.

The Hyper Cell is currently selling for $159.99 and rates a 226.8.
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