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New Release: Motiv Rebel Tank Bowling Ball

The Motiv Rebel Tank is the perfect ball for dry lane conditions. The pearl urethane coverstock which is highly polished allows for great length on toasted lanes. The fact that the ball is urethane and not reactive really helps to smooth out the backend reaction which will prevent the ball jumping on the backend. Crankers will love this ball on short oil patterns and medium oil house shots. All bowlers can take advantage of this ball on dry conditions.

Roll over the competition on Light Oil with the Motiv Rebel Tank.

Utilizing the DMX Pearl Urethane cover made famous with the Arctic Sniper for its low-friction reactivity, finished to a 4000-grit LSS Finish, the Rebel Tank maintains reaction on even the lightest oil patterns. Bone dry isn't a problem.

The Halogen core powers this ball with its high-RG, medium differential motion that yields an early hook with a continuous backend. These core characteristics give the ball a very predictable and consistent ball motion for when over-hooking is your biggest adversary.

The Rebel Tank - from Motiv.

Here's what Motiv has to say about the Rebel Tank:

The Rebel Tank is a urethane ball built to provide a powerful impact on light oil conditions where high friction can destroy ball reaction. Featuring the Halogen core, the Rebel Tank retains energy to maximize continuation through the pins. This is achieved through both a high RG and moderate differential. The high RG provides more length and the moderate differential tames track flare.

The Rebel Tank is currently selling for $113.99 and rates a 174.50.