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New Release: Brunswick Nirvana Bowling Ball


The new Brunswick Nirvana follows in the footsteps of past Brunswick greatness. Brunswick has always been known for providing bowlers with the strongest, most controllable ball reaction on heavy oil. The Nirvana do exactly that. When the lanes are tough, you want a ball that won't give you any surprises when it comes to reaction. The Nirvana is reminiscent of the Zone series from the 90s and early 2000s. That's as good of a compliment as you can give a bowling ball.

Enlighten your game and transcend the competition with the Brunswick Nirvana!

The Nirvana Ultra Low RG core features a low RG/High Differential combination that delivers maximum hook. The rounded elliptical core optimizes ball motion and energy retention to the pins, maximizing pin action and higher scores with a high versatility of drilling options.

Covered with the all-new ECS (Enhanced Composite Segmentation) coverstock, this ball is perfect for heavy oil conditions since it is chemically engineered to increase friction while still maintaining a wide "sweet spot" for adjustments in-game. The coverstock is finished to a 500/1500 Siaair MicroPad sanded finish for optimal bite with a red/blue/violet solid coloration.

Get ready to be one with the lanes with the Nirvana.

Here's what Brunswick has to say about the Nirvana:

The red/blue/violet Nirvana features the ECS solid coverstock matched with the new Ultra Low RG Nirvana Core to produce exceptional traction and impressive backend reaction on medium to heavy oil lane conditions. Bowlers are going to see something very special with the Nirvana especially on heavy oil lane conditions.

The Nirvana is currently selling for $159.99 and rates a 232.8.