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New Release: Brunswick Fortera Intrigue Bowling Ball

Brunswick Fortera Intrigue. Your opponents will be curious why your scores are always higher than theirs.

The newest addition to Brunswick Bowling's Flip line is the Fortera Intrigue.

The Intrigue features the Fortify Hybrid Coverstock, finished at 500 Siaair with Royal Compound to finish. This will provide bowlers with a clean push through the heads and a strong, controllable backend reaction.

The High RG - High Differential Fortera Flip Asymmetric Core used in the Fortera Exile is high flaring and dynamic.

The combination of the core and coverstock will give bowlers the perfect compliment to the Fortera Exile with a slightly earlier roll and a more predictable backend reaction. If the Exile is pushing too long, the Intrigue will be the perfect ball to switch to.

As always, Brunswick has another winner with the Fortera Exile!

Buy The Brunswick Fortera Intrigue Bowling Ball Now

Brunswick Fortera Intrigue Bowling Ball