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New Release: Brunswick Fortera Intrigue

The Brunswick Fortera Intrigue is the newest in their Flip line of bowling balls.

The Intrigue features the same Fortera Flip Asymmetrical core that was featured in the Fortera Exile. This High RG/High Differential core helps to provide maximum dynamics and versatility in drilling.

Wrap this with the new Fortify Hybrid coverstock and you've got one strong bowling ball. The Intrigue is meant to compliment the Exile with more total hook and an earlier roll. This ball will create maximum entry angle on medium to heavy lane conditions to provide amazing pin carry and higher scores.

Not only does the Intrigue react, carry and score great but the Red Pearl and Black Solid Hybrid color combination really pops when it's rolling down the lane for a strike. You could say it's quite... Intriguing! The scheduled release date for the Brunswick Fortera Intrigue is December 1st, 2015. As always, thanks again Brunswick for another amazing bowling ball!

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Brunswick Fortera Intrigue Bowling Ball