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Lane #1 Maxxx Curve Bowling Ball

Maxxx Curve bowling ball is among the most popular choices of equipment by our shoppers at The Maxxx Curve bowling ball has had immediate success because of its ability to give bowlers the strongest continuous arc motion on the back ends of the lanes while combating heavy oil conditions of all the Lane #1 bowling ball products. The Maxxx Curve is currently available on our site for a great price of $169.99, comes with free shipping, with free insurance, and with absolutely no hidden handling charges.
Let's look at a few ball specifications of the Maxxx Curve:
Release Date: 09/30/2011
Perfect Scale®: 218.2
Performance: Pro Performance(10)
RG: 2.549
Differential: .055
Mass Bias Diff: .014
Flare Potential: 5"+
Lane Condition: Heavy
Finish: Sanded
Coverstock: Particle
Coverstock Name: Pure Explosion Particle Pearl
Factory Finish: 20 Micron
Particle Load: Heavy
Color: Red / Black Pearl
Core Type: Asymmetric
Core Name: Backcut Asymmetric Diamond w / Flip Block
Quality: First Quality
We can see that this ball has a 5"+ flare potential and has a strong weight block with the overall asymmetric core design. Because of this, the Maxxx Curve will not run out of energy on the back ends of the lane regardless of very heavy oil conditions. The Maxxx Curve's particle coverstock will not over skid in the front part of the lane and will transition in the mid-lane predictably and again at the break point while transferring enough energy into the pins upon impact at the pocket so pin carry is maximized.
The sanded Pure Explosion Particle Pearl coverstock is versatile enough to adjust the surface texture to enhance or reduce the ball's overall aggressiveness for various oil conditions. A number of drilling layouts offered by Lane #1 gives the Maxxx Curve the ability to increase the length potential and increase hook on the back ends or drilled to react very aggressively on the front end and produce a very mild back end reaction based upon your needs on varying lane conditions. To check out a few drilling patterns, please refer to our "Drilling Layouts" feature and select Lane #1 to read the recommended factory drilling options. Also, you can find a ball video on our site to watch the Maxxx Curve roll down our private test facility lanes and see the overall ball motion in a quality video. has become the No. 1 “e-tailer” of choice for bowling equipment by the consumers of America. Ordering is an easy process by following simple online instructions. Thanks for visiting